Roy Halladay No Hitter NLDS 10/06/2010 Phillies HD


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Roy Halladay pitches a No hitter in his first ever playoff start!! only the second person to ever pitch a no hitter in the post season. First pitcher to pitch a No-Hitter and a Perfect game in the same season Taken from iPhone 4
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they kick ass, i get to see him opening day 2011!!!

I have my tickets framed from this game…Still can’t believe I was there

@kidkappa04 you mad bro? you mad that we have 4 starters that are better than your 1.. you mad that Chase Utley is better than any player in your teams history? You blame it on the division.. you gotta beat the best to be the best homie!! and ya cant beat the phils!!

@kidkappa04 LOL, I figured I’d find your comments on here somewhere :-)

I actually missed this entire game because I had to work, but thankful for YT that I can view this whenever I want. Just too bad Roy didn’t get to the W.S. with us, but hopefully we’ll have better luck in 2011.

Great video i expect to see more great pitching like this with cliff lee.

GO R2C2!!


Phillies!!! Hahahahaha….. Very funny!!!

@Title27GT Quit Running your mouth you old bastard. Have fun watching the Yankees fall to shit under Hal.

@Title27GT You are a troll too.. You obviously did not read the rest of his posts hes a punk, and a little bitter about the fact that both the Jays and the entire country of Canada blows. Dont come on here running your mouth you old bastard I dont care what you have to say.

@mafiaboarding205 He’s not a troll, hes absolutely correct

I nearly had a heart attack when the ball hit the bat. X_X

@kidkappa04 dude your a troll ok who the fuck names themselves ” kid appa ” ?????? is that name from that stupid show avatar are you a kid wow your sad.

@kidkappa04 Shut the fuck up meaning less uneducated wanker.

Caray, que emocionante estuvo eso.

Halladay has always been amazing, it’s too bad he spent so long in Toronto.

@kidkappa04 you wouldnt walk into any sports bar in philly and say that… so shut up

I admit it I’m a Yankee fan and I still pressed the like button because this is amazing for any team to pitch a no hitter in the playoffs the last time this happened was in 1956 right?

Ok I admit it. I hit the dislike because I come from Toronto.

@kidkappa04 the teams i just got through naming were historic for those franchises and the fact that you dont give a shit about them only shows how little aof a baseball fan you are. 02 Angels first world series. 05 Astros first appearance in the world series. 04 Red Sox first world series 1918. I believe any of these years easily beat the Blue Jays 92 and 93 seasons. Oh btw the most wins you’ve had since then is only 88. while the phillies have played in october the past four years. Fluke?

@kidkappa04 shut up already troll

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