Phillies Sweep Reds and Become Giant Killers (Game 1)


Posted on : 11-10-2011 | By : Admin | In : Videos
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People still doubt the power and skill of our team. Well I hope this proves that we’re not the ones to play around with. In a 3-Game sweep, the Reds NEVER give up credit on top of using the blame game. Blaming refs for Halladay’s no-hitter, blaming their own fans for Home Runs, which are clearly out of the park. Error after error committed by their Fielders, yet everyone is to blame but them. Giants fans, take note, we don’t want to hear any excuses after you’re eliminated. If you come to our ballpark, don’t act a fool. Stop doing fruity music videos, and concentrate on baseball and your teams problems on how they’ll match up at the plate against H2O. LOL @ Panda Hats!
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You’re trying to hard to be cool. We killed the Reds, went to the WS back to back, and lost in the NLCS last year. Nothing to be ashamed of with that.

i would have taken this video down after what happened to the faillies.


If he can get those numbers, it could work. But it also depends on the lineup support, who he’s batting after or before. He may see more breaking balls, than fast balls if you get what I’m saying. Lessening his opportunities for big numbers.

@EventStatus Well i think most Giants fans will take it if he hits .270 and hits 20 or so homeruns. Those numbers are waaaay better than their opening day right fielder last year


If Cody can keep up how he left off, then he’ll be a legit threat. But Florida is known not just for moving people, but making bad decisions. (firing their skip for benching Hanley) Morale was very low there, and I don’t see them doing any better this year.

@EventStatus what comeback? i just stated a name lol. Florida never keeps their players as it is. If it was a choice between keeping Ross or Hanley, of course they would keep the younger (and better) Hanley lol. They constantly move players, being in a small market. The guy has always had pop. It should be cool to have him in SF for a full season, he’s having a nice spring.


That’s your comeback? LOL! The guy had a flash of brilliance. If he was that good consistently, Florida wouldn’t of traded him in the first place. We’ll see how this season goes for him, I wish him luck.

cody ross


Yeah I know you guys don’t. You ignore the writing is on the wall for the sport in general, and only care about yourselves. Thanks for proving how selfish you are.


Oh, hi there life long Giants fan since yesterday LOL!

@EventStatus do you think us Giants fans give a piss about the ratings honestly!?!?

Go Giants Bitch!!!


Yeah, I know. Congrats! Shouldn’t you guys STILL be partying out there?

@EventStatus The Giants win the Series!!! The Giants win the Series!!!


Many sports fans do this when they lose (not showing up) You should see how I was treated in my Flyers vs Boston series vids. Boston fans called me every name in the book, when we came back and beat them. They never came back to say good game. I’m just not sold on the Giants is all, and I’m not the only one. Seriously, the US (turn on any sports channel tomorrow not dedicated to SF) are not excited about this WS. Ratings are really low.

@EventStatus Oh come on now. Gloating?, nowhere to be found when they lose? Do you honestly think this is reserved for Giants Fans only? I can bet you that “A Lot” of Phillies fans can fall into that category of “Loyal” fan. Event, it seem that you are “sourgraping” over the Giants success and are going all out to downplay their great season. Be a true fan of Baseball and not a hater.

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