Phillies Fan Gets Tasered


Posted on : 23-10-2011 | By : Admin | In : Videos
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A Philadelphia Phillies fan gets tasered after running onto the field on 5/3/2010
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Montage for #5.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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FUCK YOU PHILADELPHIA SECURITY for using a TASER! No need to do so at all YOU FUCKEN MORONS! Are you guys just plain STUPID? The guy could have been apprehended without the use of a taser. TASERS KILL YOU FUCKEN IDIOTS! Guys just having a little bit of fun doing something silly ASSHOLES! You’d get him sooner or later no need to deploy a taser!

I was at that game it was a real shock result.


And THAT’S how we do it in Philly. Step on the grass, we tase your ass!

@FATIGUEDOUT I agree – there’s no way to know what might happen. But he could also get hurt getting tackled. He could have a coronary from all that running. Or – maybe one of the security guards could get hurt trying to rein the idiot in, no matter what method they use. Bottom line – the kid upped the stakes for everyone and made a normal situation dangerous. He reaps the effects, even when they seem extreme. He’s not the only one in danger, but he’s the only one who caused it.

@surrealcode Dude you have no sense of humour. It’s freaking ballpark culture.
If there was no guys like him the world would be a sadder place and the poor security guard would never get to use his taser.

@PianoPlaya89 Good duel, old foe. Good duel. Until we meet again.

Tasers are on the same level of force as pepper spray and knight sticks. An officier is not required to be defending himself from violent behavior to use it.

@dicknut17 I’m sure you could find a death from a tackle somewhere in the world…just saying. Now, if I were at the game I would have been rooting for the kid…it’s fucking awesome. I wouldn’t call him a hero…he ran on a field…big deal, but yes, it was hilarious. I was actually at a Twins and Yankees game in Minn. last fall and someone ran out on the field…cop tried to tackle him and failed…highlight of the night…haha. But all in all, the kid broke the law…oh and I hate reading….

i bet he wont do that again! ouch!

You don’t know if the person is mentally screwy or has a heart condition that could put him at risk. This taser trend is disturbing especially for an unarmed nonviolent crime. Police state USA.

@NovaBasketball when brian dawkins retires, he should be hired as the security at the linc/cbp and the next runner that comes onto the field gets trucked by him then Chris Tucker should come out and say to the person “you got tased the fuck out”. lol

@LemonProductions09 yes it is

Christ, should of kicked him too, for being a Philly fan!

@PianoPlaya89 I must admit, I wasn’t informed enough on the subject until recently. I did some research, formed an opinion. Fact: people die from taser use. Pretty risky to use on a local fan. No one’s ever died being tackled on a field. Plus, how regimented and boring is your life that you can’t root for this guy? If you don’t think he’s a hilarious hero, I assume you enjoy reading your Grisham novels and eating cream of wheat for breakfast every day.

I wanna move across this country!!!!!!!

great video! i still miss pat<3

Pat burrell we will miss you forever and ever a great philly has just left philly

you’re right. but he’s still got more than 2 years left in the tank

thats what i was saying

That is such an awesome video … I was all excited bout the one I put together put this one beats it. haha … Awesome song.

Thanks for the nice commment! – song is called Goodbye Philadelphia by Peter Cincotti

…sorry i didnt add this but whats this song called??

Wow! great video..real nice tribute to #5..he was my favorite player and now all we can do is wish him well.
But really great video thanks man.

Tampa only comes here for the on-deck series.

anyone know what is the first game he comes back for in the regular season?

1:30 is the best picture i’ve ever seen.

Awsome video…Pat the Bat you will be missed! You will always be a Philly!

Great video! I will miss Pat like crazy. I needed a tissue by time the video got to the thanks for the memories sign at the end.

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