MLB 2K11 Gameplay Video: Phillies @ Rockies


Posted on : 20-01-2012 | By : Admin | In : Videos
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Full gamplay video featuring the NLCS matchup of Phillies @ Rockies in MLB 2K11

Comments (13)

Really Tulo? 0-4?

chris ianetta looks like hes wearing slippers

Man… Seeing this video makes me so happy I have mlb 11 the show.

wow this looks horrible! REALLY??? is this a spoof ?

This sucks….doesn’t look any different from last year’s.

@broncomad59 Gameplay looks good actually, presentation is too, naturally. My only issue was the terrible fielding and there were no fielding or throwing errors or missteps. they fixed that so i might get it. animation might still need work, but its not a top priority of mine

Great Presentation.

Sorry to say that this year I will be getting The Show, 2k’s gameplay is finally not enough to bring me back

A lot of first pitch swing !!!

@Calamarhi You trolling. The Show’s commentary is atrocious and now even worse since they replaced Hudler with Karros. I know you know that.

the only thing i like about 2k’s games are the gameplay. everything else sucks

@Cavan1984 u mean charlie…everyones elses were nice

@Makeufamous Yeah sure, but The Show has better camera angles. Includes all 30 teams home broadcast camera angle.

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