Matt Diaz owns fan during Braves @ Phillies game 9/20/10


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Matt Diaz trips up fan during the Atlanta Braves @ Philadelphia Phillies game on September 20th, 2010.
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@EaglesFreak416 talking in all caps makes you sound angry.

Matt Diaz is a Brave again!!

Braves to Pirates! I guess your best friend is John Rocker aye? Thats where your headed Mr DYASS!

When the fuck have you heard the last name Diaz pronounced Dyaz? Why do annoucers give him that respect? He hates his hispanic last name its beyond me why he just wont change it!

@metmerc haa. good luck this year. best rotation ever?! be afraid. be very afraid.

i love the video where that phillies fan knocks the shit out of that new york metrosexual in his own stadium. shiti field.

wooohoooo go atlanta braves nigga

Phillies fans are idiots. Proof? Look above.


Braves 2010 world series champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@tinkerminton hahahahahahah! take a look at the standings buddy…… hahahah.

you can’t be serous? braves will be lucky to win the wild card

Matt Diaz is beast!!!! Fuck all those stupid Phillies fans!
Braves 2010 world series champions!

personally i hate the braves 100%…….now that i realized diaz is totally bad ass….. i hate them 99.99%

hell yeah matt! take down these phillie morons ! the amazin’s are going to the playoffs and would rather see the braves in it rather that those phillie asses. keep up the comedy phillie losers.



/ What this guy said. 

go braves, otta boy matt

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