Charlie Manuel After Roy Halladay’s No-Hitter


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Phillies manager Charlie Manuel discusses Roy Halladay’s no-hitter.

Christmas-themed music video for “Baseball Glove” by Gord Bamford.
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I love charlie “That’s what i call good managing tonight”
he always makes me laugh

“Great managing”

Lol Charlie made a funny

I really feel bad for jays fans because of the fact roy had to go, but i mean, hes pretty old with no ring, so if you cant understand that then idk what to say, yes phillies fans fell in love with roy, and he put up amazing numbers last year with the perfect game and no hitter, ashame with the injuries we couldnt get him that ring, but WS11 is in the bag with hamels oswalt lee and halladay.

….when did canadians… especially australian-canadians… develop texan accents?

that kid is obviously adopted

Lol the Youngest boy i take hiphop with

Go Phillies!

@JDreamM23 …continued. Like how the Phillies lost our best right fielder Jason Werth, like I’m still gonna cheer for him but I’m not happy that he went to the Nationals. Like the team the Phils always beat. Lol Go Phillies 2011 World Champs!!! =]

@JDreamM23 I never knew Canada had a baseball I was the Jays? But anyways, that’s good the Phils are awesome I love them. it’s nice to know that even though some people lose their favorite player they’ll still cheer for that person despite the team they switched to.

arkadiapictures my msn in profile! GORD BAMFORD "BASEBALL GLOVE"

God bless Roy Halladay. My favorite athlete. still, I’m never cheering for the Phillies.


@jonasbroslover19 I agree with you completely. Im a Jays fan so it was tough seeing Roy go but he was a class act and I wouldn’t want him going anywhere other than to the Phillies. Screw 2010, Phillies will take it in 2011.

I kinda liked it. I love my phillies and roy halladay. My phils are the best R2C2.. our best pitchers.. Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hammels and now Cliff Lee. But this song is pretty good Roy Halladay himself heard it and liked it…and i can see him being a big country star the guy who wrote this song.i love country music, so if he gets big…i’ll be listening.

@logan6443 Tim Hudson….. Seriously ??? FAIL !!!


Ya fair enough… opinions are free and even if wrong, still the right of a person- I removed my comments….

@logan6443 hudson sucks halladay for the win

Screw em both ! Go Tim Hudson :)

Shut up about who’s better just listen to the song and enjoy it’s a tribute to the best in the game: Roy Halladay.

You are a fucking idiot, my friend. You clearly know nothing about baseball. Any person who would bunt for a single to break up a perfect game or no hitter would be the most hated man in baseball ,and would get thrown at every time he stepped up to the plate following that disrespectful, and down right IDIOTIC move. Also, Adam Wainwright has been a fine pitcher over the last 2 or 3 years, one of the top 10 in baseball without a doubt, but to compare him to Roy Halladay? WOW…idiot

Citizens of Toronto, I feel your pain. Roy Halladay — if it’s any consolation at all — is a certifiable God in Philadelphia now. Streets shall be named after him here and great bronze statues shall be cast in his honor to adorn our parks, squares, and courtyards. He is a true hero of´╗┐ an athlete and first rate human being you feel proud encouraging your kids to emulate.

@gruen13 haha nice gesture with the whole rope thing… love the civilization in your words. All I said was a matter of opinion and I am not the only person who thinks that. Shooting profanity and implied suicide comments is what ruins songs bud not opinions.

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